Design of commercial plumbing and sewage systems

Designing water supply and sewage systems is a prerequisite for a major overhaul of a building, in the event of a change in water consumption, to change the engineering network and connect to external networks.

The ready project of water supply and sewage system contains detailed answers to the questions:

which pipe manufacturer to choose;
how to connect the boiler for the hot water supply system.
how thick a coupler should be for placing water pipes in the floor;
what is the most optimal water supply system for the facility;

Designing water supply and plumbing systems involves the development of documentation that is necessary for the construction of appropriate networks. Work on the provision of services begins with the approval of the technical specifications and ends with the supervision of the construction process.

Cost of water supply / sewage project

The project is drawn up individually and takes into account:

  • availability of filtration system
  • types of filters and places of their installation;
  • availability of water treatment system in residential cottages,
  • its location;
  • the presence of leakage sensors that will protect your apartment, office or house from leakage and costly repairs in the apartments of your neighbours or on the lower floor of your house;
  • type of material - cross-linked polyethylene, metal-plastic, polypropylene, we are ready to advise any Customer and without any solace to tell about all the pros and cons.

Designing toilets and commercial plumbing systems

The design of bathrooms is carried out with the expectation of achieving the greatest level of comfort with maximum functionality: in the morning people are recruited here with vivacity, and in the evening they relax before going to bed.

The project of bathrooms envisages their planning at the stage of creating a project for a house. This approach allows you to determine in advance which room can be increased and made more comfortable, and where it is possible to remove a few m2 without damage to the functionality.

The bathroom can be combined - the bath and the toilet are in the same zone, and separate - the toilet and the bath are located in separate rooms. The project of bathrooms requires careful study. The optimal size of the room is about 3 m2, here you can install a shower panel or cabin. With a larger area of ​​the bathroom, it is possible to expand the plumbing project and install a bathroom. It is necessary to understand that too large premises in most cases are waste of finances and living space.

Design and installation of internal water supply and sewerage systems require such basic data as technical conditions for connection, topography, geology and the general layout of the site (the last points for a residential cottage). After collecting the initial information, a technical task for the design of water supply and sewerage is formed.

Design of water supply, electricity and other systems - the main activities of the architectural and construction bureau. We have solid experience in this field and guarantee professionalism and high service at all stages of cooperation. Large private and public companies are our regular customers.