Design of commercial heating and other engineering systems

It's important to calculate the correct area of ​​heating devices, choose pipe diameters, calculate pumping equipment performance, calculate three-way valves and mixing units, choose the volume of storage capacity, and many other questions are the main heating design problem. And the choice of the boiler depends on the comfort and efficiency of the heating system, each type of heater has its own advantages, disadvantages and design features.

We perform the design and installation of plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, their configuration and commissioning. Since most of the heating systems in the building are very closely interlinked, it is very convenient to design them in a complex, this allows you to avoid many mistakes, both with the calculations and with the subsequent installation.

After all, in a complex project, the places of the routes of the systems and the location of the equipment are mutually coordinated, which is extremely important for complex production premises where communications can be intertwined very closely.

Commercial Heating Systems

Design of heating systems

In addition to the heating system itself, we also develop heating units, furnaces, boiler houses, various control units, thus closing the full range of work related to heating design, besides that we are engaged in designing supply and exhaust ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and other engineering systems of buildings. In the production of heat may be needed for very different needs, both in the form of water and in the form of steam, for the production of hot process water and for heating the heaters of the air handling units of the ventilation system and many other needs.

Selection of power of boilers, their strapping, equipment of thermal collectors, selection of heat exchange equipment, their balancing and strapping, thermal mechanical scheme of work, this is exactly the equipment, from the correct calculation of which depends the work of the whole system.

Heating can be applied in many ways:

  • traditional gas central heating with radiators;
  • infrared water and electrical panels;
  • with the help of underfloor heating and panels integrated walls;
  • fan heaters;
  • fan coil air conditioning systems;
  • warm air recovery in combination with a ventilation system.

What you need to do a heating project?

It is advisable to fill out a questionnaire, or call our company and answer a few questions, you also need the layout of the rooms, because without this it is not clear where to place the equipment and appliances. In the case of warm floors and warm walls, furniture is also necessary, because there is no point in heating the floor, if there is a wardrobe or a sofa, and especially walls, it also affects the calculation.

Putting the sofa on the heated floor area, you reduce its area and heat transfer, thus affecting the heat balance of the room. It is important to indicate the heat source for the selection of heat generating equipment, gas, wood or electricity for a heat pump.